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About Ampere Vehices

Ampere vehicles is a Coimbatore based company and has indigenously developed electric scooters. Two of their electric scooters recently being launched are Ampere V48 and Ampere Reo Li-Ion. The ex-showroom price of Ampere V48 is Rs.38,000 and that of Ampere Reo Li-Ion is Rs.46,000. The top speed of both of these electric scooter is 25 kmph. Ampere Vehicles also launched the battery pack consisting of lithium ion batteries on May 11 at Delhi.

In May 2017, Ampere Vehicles launched a lead acid battery charger at a low cost. Since then the company worked on developing chargers and controllers for Lithium-ion battery powered electric scooters. The new indigenously developed Li-ion charger costs around Rs.3000 and can charge the e-scooter in two different profiles. Based upon the battery requirements, the incoming voltage and current levels can be adjusted. The input voltage varies from 180 V AC TO 260 V AC. 

Both the scooters travel a range of around 60-70 km before draining completely and can go a top speed of 25 kmph. The time required to completely charge this electric scooters is around 4 to 5 hours. A brushless DC motor is incorporated in both of this electric scooters which has a power rating of 250 W. The maximum load carrying capacity of Ampere V48 is 100 kgs while that of Reo Li-ion is 120 kg.

Ampere Vehicles started their first production in the year 2008 and since then has successfully sold over 35,000 electric scooters on Indian roads. The dealers and service centers of Ampere Vehicles are sprayed across the nation and are 150 in number and constantly increasing. All the components of Ampere Vehicle scooters are indigenously developed at the state of art R&D facility in Tamil Nadu (Coimbatore) except the battery pack which is imported from Taiwan.

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Ampere Bikes User Reviews

Ampere V48 user review…★★★☆☆

 By Mohan Chakraborthy,  22 th April 2018

Ampere motors is a truly Indian company and manufactires and designs everything in India. Iam so proud of Indian companies taht are developing this new products.I would suggest instead of wasting money on petrol bikes you should buy an electric bike only.

Ampere Reo Plus Review ★★★☆☆

By Shubham Swami,  15 th August 2018

Battery is lithium ion.It gives good range .But iam confused which one is better Ampere V48 or Ampere Reo ?


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