Bajaj Electric Auto Rickshaw Spied Testing in Pune. Here’s why its Awesome

Bajaj Electric Rickshaw

It was around 11 pm in the night when we were riding around the city feeling the heat of summer season. On the highway we suddenly heard a whirl of an electric motor so we looked around to see what was it making the noise. To our surprise it was Bajaj’s Electric Rickshaw ,fully camouflaged trying to overtake us. We followed the auto for a while where it stopped an finally we got a shot. Here are some awesome details about Bajaj’s Electric Auto Rickshaw.

Bajaj Electric Rickshaw

Bajaj’s Electric Auto Rickshaw Design

Its design is quite similar to conventional auto rickshaws but certain changes are quite noticeable . The newly added LED headlamps adds to the beauty of the rickshaw. Clearly the tail lamp is missing and sockets are being added for charging.

The dashboard too has been changed indicating range and top speed of the vehicle.

Overall we are impressed by its sneaky design and aesthetics.

Bajaj Electric Rickshaw

Does Bajaj Electric Auto Rickshaw has a reverse gear?

Yes ,it is clear from the image that it has four gear drives neutral, reverse drive and C might stand for climb.

Bajaj’s Electric Auto Rickshaw Specifications

This rickshaw can go upto 120 kms in a single charge with atop speed of 45 km/hr which is enough considering city conditions.

Range: 120 km

Top Speed: 45 km/hr

Battery: Lithium-ion

Powered by Lithium ion batteries the auto will take 6 hours to complete charge. It is not clear yet if this electric rickshaw carries fast charging capabilities.

Bajaj Electric Rickshaw

Bajaj Electric Auto Rickshaw Launch Date

While the launch date is not yet declared it is expected to be launched in mid of 2020. Once launched this Bajaj Electric Rickshaw will be a direct rival to Mahindra’s Electric Rickshaw e Treo.

Thoughts on Bajaj Electric Auto Rickshaw

Bajaj Electric Rickshaw could be a successful hit in the market if the problem of charging infrastructure is solved  or else battery swapping solutions are deployed. If Bajaj Electric Rickshaw comes with battery swapping , then it will be feasible for drivers to go long distances.

Bajaj Urbanite Electric Scooter

Bajaj is also coming up with its electric scooter called Bajaj Urbanite . It will be a first electric scooter from the manufacturer and is expected to be launched in July. With such a huge shift towards electric vehicles we can also expect participation of Indan government to solve the problems related to charging infrastructure and provide huge subsidies on EVs.

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