Best 5 electric scooters in India better than petrol scooters 2019

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Why electric scooters can dump petrol scooters in 2019?

Electric scooters in India have undergone a drastic change both technically and economically. Introduction of Lithium-ion batteries over lead acid have given electric scooters more extended range making them more reliable. Also as lithium-ion batteries are in ass production the battery pack cost is also reduced substantially. Many companies and new startups are doing extensive R&D to launch better electric scooters in Indian market.

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Here is a list of top 5 electric scooters in India

Photon is Hero Electric's most dynamic electric scooter available in Indian market

Hero electric has produced a classy and dynamic model of an electric scooter in the form of Hero Electric Photon. Hero Electric photon has got its stylish look as well as an aggressive range distinguished it from the rest of the models. A 1000 W electric motor is the core of this electric bike that gives Hero Electric Photon a top speed of 45 kmph.
Range: 110 km
Top speed:45 km/hr
Price: Rs.92,999
Status:Available in nearby Hero Electric showroom
Also a lithium ion battery of 72 V,20 Ah provide the necessary electrical energy to drive the electric photon upto 110 km before draining completely . It usually takes 3 to 4 hours to completely charge the lithium ion battery. 

2.Okinawa i-Praise

i-Praise is one of the high mileage electric scooter in India to be launched in early 2019

Okinawa i-Praise is the Lithium-ion version of Okinawa Praise
Okinawa i-Praise is an classy electric scooter having sporty features. It has got disc brake at the rear and dual disc brake at the front which are complementary reliable during stopping. The suspension system consist of dual shock absorbers at the rear end and telescopic suspension at the front which enhances comfort even on bumpy road.
Range: 160-180 km
Top speed:75 km/hr
Price: Rs.1.15 Lakh
Status:Bookings started in nearby Okinawa showrooms
The company claims that the Okinawa i-praise can travel 160-180 kms on a single charge and can go an aggressive top speed of 75 kmph. Actually this electric scooter has got variable top speeds. In economy mode the top speed limit is 35 kmph while that at sports mode is 65 kmph. The fastest mode is the turbo mode that gives a highest speed of 75 kmph which makes it the fastest and aggressive electric scooter in India. Having a Lithium-ion battery pack has a greater advantage over its former model Praise

Ather 450 is India's Smartest electric scooter

Ather 450 is a smart electric scooter from Ather Energy and is all set to revolutionize the electric two wheeler industry. Ather 450 is equipped with lithium ion battery pack of 2.4 kwh and its BLDC motor produces a torque of 20.5 Nm. It can go from 0 to 40 kmph in 3.9 seconds. The top speed of this electric scooter is claimed to be 80 kmph.
Range: 75 km
Top speed:80 km/hr
Price: Rs.1,25000
Status:Bookings started 
Ather 450’s driving pattern has economy mode and power mode. In economy mode it offers a range of 75 km while in power mode Ather 450 can go 60 kms. 
Users are already quite impressed with Ather 450’s performance.
Twenty Two Motors is a home grown Indian origin company that recently launched its first electric scooter in India named ‘Flow’ at Auto Expo this year. The special features of Twenty Two Flow includes the AI technology used and is also integrated with a mobile app. The scooter can be shutdown by a mobile app , can be remotely tracked and also has cloud connectivity.
Range: 160 km
Top speed:60 km/hr
Price: Rs.74,740
Status:Pre-order started 
To improve its driving performance the Twenty Two Flow comes in 2 driving modes the power mode and economy mode.This electric scooter comes with a reverse mode as well for parking assistance.
Flow is powered by a Lithium ion battery and a prowess electric DC motor capable of delivering a peak power of 2500 W. With a dual lithium ion battery pack Twenty Two Flow can go 160 km in a single charge with a grossing top speed of 60 kmph. It supports fast charging and could be charged upto 70 % in less than an hour. With normal home charging it takes 4-5 hours to completely charge the 22 Flow. Having all these features the Twenty Two Flow is priced at Rs.74,740 in India and is ready to pre-order in 22 motors website.

India's Decent Electric Scooter

Okinawa Ridge Plus electric scooter is an extended version of its previous model Okinawa Ridge scooter. This new version comes with a Lithium-ion battery and is propelled by 800 W BLDC motor. It has a detachable Lithium-ion battery with specifications of 60V-26 Ah. Having Lithium-ion as a power pack Ridge Plus can go an extended range of 100 kms which is much more than its previous version that uses a lead acid battery.
Range: 100 km
Top speed:55 km/hr
Price: Rs.80,695
Status:Bookings started in nearby Okinawa showrooms
Sales of Electric scooters in India has increased by 150% in the financial year of 2017-18. It is expected to rise even more in 2019.
With more launches of Electric scooters in Indian market ,we can expect it to grow substantially in coming years.

You just read Best 5 electric scooters in India better than petrol scooters 2019

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Best 5 electric scooters in India better than petrol scooters 2019
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Best 5 electric scooters in India better than petrol scooters 2019
Electric two-wheeler industry is gaining momentum especially electric bikes and scooters. Currently we have reliable models that has the potential to replace petrol scooters in 2019. They are cheaper,easy to operate and clean.
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