Complete review of BOSCH electric car : e-Axle

BOSCH’s electric car

Electric revolution is happening globally whether it is Tesla or Audi or Volkswagen or Mahindra and Tata Motors in India. Every company is striving hard to solve the problems of electric mobility through their extensive R&D .

Bosch being the major supplier of electronic components to all these automobile industries also wants to overcome the problems faced by EV’s by developing efficient powertrain for electric cars. Bosch has always worked with OEMs to develop components to their vehicles, be it fuel injectors or controllers, Bosch has been a major contributor to development of internal combustion cars. But now as the world is moving towards electric mobility and Bosch wants to be no exception for this.

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Concept behind Bosch's electric car : E-Axle

Can present internal combustion cars be converted into electric? 
I think Bosch has the solution
All the electric cars we see on road like the Mahindra e20 Plus or any other Tesla models, all these are designed with the perspective of making it electric. But no other car company has given the solution of converting the present petrol and diesel cars into electric.
Bosch on the other side, has out of the box idea of converting present IC engine cars into electric. The Bosch team in Bangalore has successfully converted a Maruti Suzuki Baleno into an electric car, replacing its internal combustion engine with an electric motor. Bosch named this electric car as ‘e-Axle’, a fabulous combination of electric motor and gearbox making it truly electric powertrain. This prototype was tested using a 10 kwh battery which is just enough when it comes to testing. But to give an extensive range Bosch needs to configure it with a bigger battery in future.
Bosch engineers working on e-Axle
Bosch engineers working on e-Axle

Basic features of 'e-Axle'

e-Axle has dynamic Motor and Powertrain

Dattatraya Gurav , Bosch’s head of mobility solution said that calibrating the car was much arduous task than replacing the whole engine with an electric motor and refitting the mechanical fitments. While the conventional diesel Baleno has a engine that produces 83.1 bhp power at 6000 rpm, e-Axle has a motor that produces 115 bhp of power , making it more powerful than its parent model.

The acceleration is much faster than regular Baleno, taking it from 0-100 kmph in minimal 8 seconds. E-Axle doesn’t need a gearbox rather it need a controller that senses the input from the rides and gives signals to the motor accordingly. Its Electronic control unit offers only three options drive, reverse and park.

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bosch e-Axle
Bosch e-Axle

Cockpit and other features

Most of the components of the cockpit are kept untouched other than it’s infotainment system. Bosch replaced that with their own touchscreen display that also provides real time system monitoring of the car and can be updated regularly. At present the car was not fitted with an air conditioning unit rather is optional. Slight changes has also being made in the braking system and power steering mechanism as it requires pressure from the IC engine and retrofitted with a hydraulic pump taking energy from the battery.
Future aspects
We think that conversions like this can happen in near future where you will get your conventional car converted into electric through a authorized conversion center. Imagine your fuel drinking car suddenly appears to be a clean source of transportation leaving behind a trail of fresh air. Clearly Bosch has demonstrated a engineering masterpiece and a out of the box possibility of what we can do to save our environment with electric mobility.



What Bosch demonstrated with its electric car project

  • They successfully converted an Maruti Suzuki Baleno into a completely electric one
  • We can expect such authorized conversion centres ubiquitous in nearby future
  • Bosch expect to be a major contributor to electric car revolution
Complete review of BOSCH electric car : e-Axle
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Complete review of BOSCH electric car : e-Axle
Complete review of BOSCH electric car : e-Axle
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Sujoy Chourasia

Its a nice article, we also would like to know how Bosch motors is enabling this technology to be available to other Start ups or general public if they want to take this further onwards.


Bosch’s e-axle solution is a boon to people who are eager to convert their gasoline cars to all electric cars. It will be a great service to our nation which is reeling under heavy pollution yet not being able find a way out of the current gas guzzling machines.Bosch’s acute sensitivity to and concern for our environment in terms of their R&D is really exemplary and will certainly draw encomiums from public and our proactive government.By the way,Would it be possible to tell when such conversions will be possible and where? I am eagerly awaiting to convert my car and… Read more »


I want to convert my Maruti Zen from petrol to electric car .