Hero Electric Flash: Hero’ most affordable electric scooter in 2019

Hero Electric Flash Images

A complete review on Hero Flash Scooter

Hero Electric launched Hero Electric Flash as a model easy-to-own and easy-to-maintain. Flash is the most selling and in-budget electric scooter among the rest of the hero electric scooters like Photon, Optima-Plus and NYX. Riding Hero Flash is as easy as riding any other electric scooter, just insert and twist the key and Flash is ready to go without making any noise. Flash is just the perfect electric scooter to strengthen Hero Electric’s market position in India. It’s cheap, have minimal top speed and can go 60 kilometers making it the highest selling electric scooter in India.

Key specifications

  • Range : 60 kms
  • Top speed : 25 kmph
  • Motor power: 250 W

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Hero Flash Specifications

what performance does Hero Flash scooter gives?

Because of its 250 W electric motor, Flash can achieve top speed of 25 kmph, hence requires no license to drive. The electrical energy rushing through Flash’s veins is powered by a battery pack of 48 V,20 Ah VRLA battery. Flash is also now available with lithium-ion battery pack as Flash e5
Know more details about Flash e5
Flash is suitable for those having daily transport to office and back home, saving a lot on Petrol. If your office or college is situated in its specified range, Flash proves to be more reliable. Even you can persuade your office management to set up charging points in office parking
Hero Electric Flash Images
Hero Electric Flash

Design and styling

Flash has been given a steady design and well balanced structure which makes it easy to drive for ladies and aged ones as well. Flash is lower in height and wide in its length. It’s lower height makes it convenient for everybody to handle this scooter with ease. Floorbed is quite enough big to carry a luggage along. This electric scooter may not be that attractive n design but is definitely handy and light weight. Hero electric flash is available in two colours viz. black and silver black. Silver black Flash is one of our favorite.
Hero Electric Flash Images

Features and Safety of Hero Electric Flash

Flash is one of the lightest electric scooter out there and weighs just 87 kgs. Therefore not much risk is involved if driven by ladies as Flash is easily handled. In case if immediate braking is required, both its wheel have rugged drum brakes providing instantaneous braking force. Telescopic suspension is present in the front. After driving you will realize how Flash will respond to pits and bumps. However you need to slow down on a large bumps as you might experience minor shocks.Also its greater wheelbase allows enough space for floorbed .You can actually carry a full bag or groceries without hampering your sitting position.

What we liked in Hero Flash

  • Flash is lightweight and easy to handle
  • It is one of the cheapest electric scooter available in the market
  • Flash has got enough luggage space

What we didn't liked in Hero Flash

  • Due to lead acid batteries Flash requires more time to charge(we reccommend Flash e5 haviing Lithium-ion batteries)
  • On high slopes with 2 or 3 people sitting ,Flash tends to move slower eventually stop

Our Recommendation

We recommend Flash for ladies and aged ones looking for a scooter to travel daily short distances. Flash is also recommended for under aged for their daily commute to school as it requires no license to operate and cannot exceed 25 kmph. Your children can easily travel on and back to school and colleges.

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