India can Bring the Electric Revolution with Two-Wheelers Not Four Wheelers


How can we bring an Electric Revolution in India? Does lack of charging infrastructure will hamper the growth of electric vehicle segment? Keep reading the article.

Before beginning ,let me tell you a story. Patil owns a small grocery store in small village near Pune. Patil wakes up early in the morning, delivers milk packets on the doors of his customers ,collect payments and comes back to his shop. In a day Patil commutes to nearby villages to collect goods, meet people,pick up his son from school and return back home. Recently Patil was frustrated a lot by fuel price hikes so he decided to buy an electric scooter. His daily commute was around 40-50 kilometers so choosed to go with Okinawa Ridge + as it gives a fair range of around 100 kms.

Its been 3 months Patil is using his electric scooter and is happy with it. He said that the scooter charges within 3-4 hours and costs very little to his pockets. He also said that he will recover the money within 2-3 years as he would have spent them on Petrol.

Unlike Patil there are thousands benefitting from the use of electric scooters in India.

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Why Electric Two-wheelers Can Rule in India?

India is home to largest two-wheeler market in the world before China. Sales of electric scooters has doubled in 2018 upto 54,800 electric two-wheelers sold in the country and this number is expected to double in 2019.

3 reasons Electric Two-wheelers is a big hit?

  1. Low capital cost

A India’s average population comes from middle class families which cannot afford expensive electric cars that costs up 8-10 Lakhs like Mahindra e2o and Mahindra e-Verito. Electrc bikes are best fit for this market due to low capital cost and can be brought instantly by cash or EMI.

  1. Charges less per kilometer

As petrol prices are hiking every month making deep holes into the pockets. A daily commuter travelling 60-70 kilometers spend averagely Rs.100 everyday on petrol. Whereas Electric scooters are way much cheaper to operate. It consumes 1 unit of electricity to travel 60 kilometers , thereby charging only Rs.6-8 for 60 kilometers.

Isn’t it affordable?

  1. Requires very very less maintenance

Electric two-wheelers requires almost no maintenance whereas petrol scooters requires servicing 2-3 times a year. Again spending huge on maintenance.

Unlike petrol scooters ,electric scooters does not rely on rotating engine ,it has a powerful motor powered by Lithium-ion battery.

Do you have maintenance of ceiling fan?

No right? Same is the case with electric two-wheelers.

Apart from this Electric Automakers has shifted to use Lithium-ion batteries instead of Lead Acid battery. Use of Lithium-ion batteries has boosted range and reliability of electric two-wheelers.

electric vehicle sales in India

Here’s how Lithium-ion battery boosts performance

1.Lithium-ion batteries lasts longer , increasing warranty period of electric scooters

2.They are lighter increasing range of electric two-wheelerss

3.Chargess faster than lead acid batteries.

Manufacturers now has came up with electric scooters that can go upto 100 kilometers or above in a single charge. I think this much is sufficient .

Here is the list if you are looking for one

1.Okinawa i-Praise

2.Hero Electric Photon Li

3.Twenty Two Flow

4.Okinawa Ridge Plus

Even Ather 450 can go beyond 100 kilometers as claimed by ARAI although the company has claimed range of 75 kilometers. Hatts off to Ather’s authenticity and genuineness .

This startup will surely be the Tesla of India.

Manufacturers now has came up with electric scooters that can go upto 100 kilometers or above in a single charge. I think this much is sufficient .

View all Hero Electric Models

Does Lack of Charging Infrastructure is Hurdle to Growth of India’s Electric Two-Wheeler Industry ?

I don’t agree with these statement completely.

Yes lack of charging  stations is a hurdle to acceptance of electric cars and busses but this is not the case with electric two-wheelers.

Use of electric bikes or scooters is limited within the city or in villages and they can be charged anywhere with a 3 pin socket whether it is a home or office.

The interesting thing is that many electric scooters have detachable Lithium-ion battery.This means you can charge the battery anywhere. Just take it out and plug it any socket in your home or office.

Congratulations you are saving the environment.


Patil is quite happy with his new scooter and has no intentions of going back to petrol.

The interesting thing is that electric scooters are getting more adopted in villages and towns rather than cities.

New automakers are shifting to Tier 2 and Tier3 cities for expansion.

Tunwal and other manufacturers being such examples.

Foe whom is electric bike or scooter is a perfect fit

All age groups between 18-40 can be benefitted from electric mobility.

1.College going students

Many fresh college goers requires a vehicle for daily commute. Electrci scooters are best fit for them.

2.Office goers

If your office is situated between 15-20 kilometers from your residence ,you should definitely buy a electric scooter.


What to say ,electric scooters will enhance their beauty..

4.Courier boys

Some electric scooters are specially designed for deliveries upto 50 kg or more. AVAN is one such examples.

Future of Electric two-wheelers in India.

Undoubtedly Electric bikes and scooters are gaining momentum on Indian roads as the sales have doubled to 56,000 units in 2017-18. The electric two-wheeler market is said to grow upto 61 Cr till 2020 and also with new launches in 2020 we can expect it to grow substantially in the nearby future.

You just read How India can bring Electric revolution with two-wheelers.

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