Top 5 electric vehicle manufacturers in India 2019

Electric cars in India

After setting up a goal of getting ‘all electric’ by the government , many companies and new startups realized the potential market of electric vehicles in India. The rising fuel prices and environmental degradation has sparked the electric revolution i our country.

Is India Ready for Electric Vehicles

Electric revolution is happening globally and India is no exception for this. The electric vehicle industry has seen a growth of 124 percent in the year 2018 by selling 56,000 EVs .The electric two-wheeler industry iss gaining momentum and has sold around 54,000 electric bikes and scooters in India in year 2018.

Here is a List of Top 5 Electric Vehicle Manufacturers in India

1.Tata Motors

Tata Motors Electric Cars
Tata is sooner joining the league of electric cars in India by launching the electric version of their Tata Tigor and Tata Tiago.The electric version of their Tata Nano is also said to be launched next year. Recently TATA group has managed to win a bid of 10,000 EVs to supply to their government against their rival Mahindra and Mahindra.The procurement of this vehicle is done by Energy Efficiency Service Limited.
So the new Tata Electric Cars we will be seeing on road in coming years will be-
1.Tata Tigor EV
2.Tata Tiago EV
3.Tata Nano EV(Jayem Neo)
4.Tata E Vision

2.Hero Electric

Hero electric logo
India is gearing up to transform itself in the field of electric bikes and electric cars. Hero Electric is playing an important role in making available the very ingeniously built in electric scooters.

Currently Hero Electric is offering different models of their electric scooters in India.

Hero Electric Photon with dual lithium batteries is the highest priced electric scooter at Rs.91,000 while the Hero Electric Flash is the lowest priced electric scooter at a cost of Rs.56,000. The other models includes the Hero electric Optima Plus , Hero Electric NYX .
Being a subsidy of Hero Group , Hero Electric has grown into a epitome of success in the electric two wheeler segment of India with one objective in mind that is to provide a better mode transportation to mankind. Hero Electric is transporting itself into the hub of electric vehicles. Creating a pollution free ecosystem is the only vision the company has.

3.Mahindra Electric

mahindra electric
India has seen a constant increase in its electric cars ,Mahindra being playing the most important role in this segment. Mahindra has dominated the electric car market share in India and will continue to do so.

Currently Mahindra Electric has its three electric vehicles in Indian Market

  • Mahindra e2o Plus
  • Mahindra e-Verito
  • Mahindra e-Supro
Mahindra launched its first electric car in India way back in 2013 named as e2o, a urban hatchback. Later Mahindra launched its e-Verito in June 2016 at a price of Rs.9.5 lakhs. The Mahindra e-Verito is available in 3 models viz D2,D4 and D6. e-Verito drives a range of around 100 kilometers in a single charge with a top speed of 85 km/hr.The new Mahindar e2o plus is a four door hatchback and is also available in three variants viz P4,P6 and P8 priced between 5.45 lakhs to 8.45 lakhs. Mahindra e2o plus has a battery range of 110 to 140 kilometer in a single charge.Both the e2o and e2o plus carries automatic transmission system. 

4.Okinawa Autotech Pvt. Ltd


Okinawa Autotech is headquatered in Gurugram while its production facility is situated in Bhiwandi, Rajasthan. Okinawa Autotech was founded in 2015 by Jeetendra Sharma with a vision to create electric bikes that can take us to a sustainable future. Okinawa constantly wants to deliver stylish and efficient electric two wheels so as to emerge as India’s leading electric bikes manufacturer. Okinawa till date has launched 3 electric scooters in India

Upcoming Okinawa Electric Scooter is Okinawa i-Praise

Okinawa Praise is price at Rs.59,889 while Okinawa Ridge is priced at Rs.43,702.

5.Ampere Vehicles

Ampere vehicles logo
Ampere vehicles is a Coimbatore based company and has indigenously developed electric scooters. Two of their electric scooters recently being launched are Ampere V48 and Reo Li-Ion. The ex-showroom price of Ampere V48 is Rs.38,000 and that of Reo Li-Ion is Rs.46,000. The top speed of both of these electric scooter is 25 kmph. Ampere Vehicles also launched the battery pack consisting of lithium ion batteries on May 11 at Delhi.
In May 2017, Ampere Vehicles launched a lead acid battery charger at a low cost. Since then the company worked on developing chargers and controllers for Lithium-ion battery powered electric scooters. The new indigenously developed Li-ion charger costs around Rs.3000 and can charge the e-scooter in two different profiles.

Future of Electric Vehicles in India

Electric Vehicles in our country is ought to have a bright future due to following reasons:

  • Rise in fuel Prices
  • Environment degradation and global warmimg
  • Government initiatives and subsidies

The only problem with adoption of electric vehicles in India is the lack of charging infrastructure and awareness among people.

Help us create awareness about EVs. Spread the word.

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