Vespa Elettrica : Piaggio’s electric scooter to be launched in 2019

Vespa Electric
Would you like a buy an electric version the famous Vespa?
Vespa has already hit on Indian roads and is most popular scooter in the market.
But what if I say that an electric version of Vespa is coming to Indian market and is supercool.

Piaggio Group is waiting to launch their electric scooter in India named Vespa Elettrica.

If launched it will be the first electric scooter from Piaggio to be sold in Indian market.

According to Piaggio Group,they are waiting for favorable conditions and infrastructure to be implemented by the government of India . Such improved regulations will give a boost to sales of electric vehicles in India

Vespa Electric Scooter
Vespa Elettrica

Vespa Electric Scooter Elettrica Range and Specifications

Vespa Elettrica, once launched , will have a range of 100 kms.

Vespa Elettrica will come with a lithium ion battery of 4.2 kwh that charges completely within four hours.

To propel the Vespa electric scooter Vespa Elettrica comes with a BLDC motor of 5 kw that provides a torque of 20 Nm.

Hurdles for the launch of Vespa Elettrica

According to the business head of Piaggio, India Mr.Ashish Yakhmi , Piaggio is all ready with the technology to enter in Indian market. Piaggio wants a customer oriented electric scooter liable for Indian conditions.

The only concern remains is the regulations offered by India towards the electric vehicle segment.


Vespa currently has around 150 dealers and service center outlets in the country and by the end of 2020 ,the company is planning to double their outlets.

Vespa Elettrica will be modern and classy electric scooter from Piaggio in India.

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Vespa Electric Scooter
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Vespa Electric Scooter
Piaggio is gearing to launch the electric version of Vespa named Vespa Ellettrica. Vespa Elettrica will have a range of 100 kms.
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